3 Good Reasons To Add Senior Hybrid Golf Clubs To Your Bag

    There are numerous reasons for senior golfers to incorporate hybrid clubs into their bag but here are three to think about.

    More Forgiveness

    Hybrids offer a greater amount of forgiveness than long irons which can be very unforgiving when not struck correctly. Hybrids have a deeper cavity and manufacturers can move more weight to the perimeter of the club head. By moving the perimeter weight, a greater moment of inertia (MOI) is created. Because of the extra MOI, the hybrid club head stays more stable on off centre hits when compared to long irons which will twist more.

    As a ‘hybrid’ between fairway woods and irons, the hybrid can combine the best aspects of fairway wood and long iron design. For example, the wide sole of hybrids help lift the ball from poor lies but the narrower profile stills offers playability. They were formally known only as rescue clubs but their improved design means they are no longer only needed for problem situations.


    The hybrid club can not only be used to hit soaring approach shots but be utilized for chip-and-run shots around the green. Hybrid clubs are generally a little longer than normal irons and have less loft so can only be used effectively on long chip and run shots. The hybrid sole is wider and more rounded than irons which stops the hybrid snagging in thick rough or digging into the ground. This extra acceleration through tricky lies can give the senior golfer many more options of what clubs to play throughout a round. Because of the club head design, hybrids can also be used to hit high and low shots as well as be utilized as an effective club off the tee.


    If a senior golfer has lost confidence with their long or mid-irons, hybrid clubs could provide the answer. Long irons are notoriously difficult to hit, even some of the top professionals have ditched them in favour of hybrids. The best way for a senior golfer to see if switching to hybrid clubs will inspire more confidence is to test long irons and hybrids out on the course.

    Having a hybrid in hand with which the senior golfer is confident can inspire a whole new level of performance.