When to Chip, When to Pitch From Near the Green, Golf Tip

What’s the difference between a chip and a pitch?

Quite simply, a chip is a shot from near the green that spends more time on the ground than in the air. A pitch does the opposite, flying most of the way toward the hole and rolling little, if any, after landing. Also, chips tend to fly very low, whereas pitches are designed as a vertical escape route.

You should chip the golf ball when:

• The ball lies very close to the green, with at least 15 feet between the green’s edge and hole.

• The ball lies within five yards of the green, there’s no sand or major undulation to play over, and at least 20 feet of green to work with.

• The greens are slow, allowing for an aggressive, running shot.

You should pitch the golf ball when:

• There’s a sand trap between the ball and hole.

• The pin sits on top of a shelf or tier with little room in front of or behind the hole.

• The ball lies at least five yards off the putting surface with no more than 20 feet of green to work with.

• The greens are fast, requiring a lofted shot to control the ball.