Stop Fatting Golf Chip Shots Right Now 1

There is nothing worse than being at the side of the green, ready to chip the ball close to save your par, and you end up hitting the golf ball just in front of you because you caught the ground first behind the golf ball and hit the chip shot fat.

You then are maybe left with another chip shot because you missed the green and now you have to get up and down for bogey. This terrible shot can be fixed easily by using the correct technique and by following this tip.

Fault - A player when faced with a short chip shot can often have the tendency to try and create height by increasing the dynamic loft by leaning back and scooping. The problem with this type of movement is that it causes an upward strike when coming into the golf shot. The bottom of the golf swing normally happens behind the golf ball and the club catches the ground resulting in a shot that has hit the floor behind the golf ball.

Stop Fatting Golf Chip Shots Right Now 2

Fix - Keeping the weight forward at set up really helps to guarantee a very good strike. At set up, place 60% of your body weight on to the left hand side to help with striking the golf ball cleanly. From this point, the centre of gravity will be forwards. It will be much easier to contact the golf ball cleaner and much better as the first contact the golf club will make is with the golf ball. Reducing the flicking of the wrist action to get the golf ball in the air is the next important factor when attempting to strike a chip shot cleanly. If the wrists flick at impact, the club can extend too early, and the club can hit the ground behind the golf ball.

Top tip - When playing a chip shot, maintain very little lateral slide and aim to keep the weight on the front foot throughout the golf swing. Make sure the centre of gravity stays on the front side to make sure the golf ball is hit first then the floor after.

Use less loft - Where possible, use a golf club that has less loft so that the power of the stroke can be reduced and the ability to strike the golf ball cleanly can be increased.

When using less loft, the golf club can approach the golf ball from a slightly shallower angle and this will reduce the chance of a bad contact with the golf ball.