Chipping Alternatives

Chipping the ball onto the green seems like one of the simplest shots in golf. Yet many things can go wrong because: 

  • Chipping requires the golfer to hit down and make contact with the ball before the ground. This narrow contact zone causes many golfers to strike the ground early (fat shot), or to hit the ball with the iron’s bottom leading edge (thin shot).
  • Golfers often try to hit up on the ball in an effort to get additional height. This scooping action usually results in poor contact and a chip that comes up short.
  • When trying to hit a short chip shot, golfers will often take too large a backswing, then decelerate before contact to prevent it from going too long. Deceleration creates a variety of mishits. 
  • Here are some great alternatives to chipping that can improve your chances of getting the ball up and down from around the green:

  • From the rough around the green, opt for a number 8 hybrid with 38 degrees of loft (or similar) rather than a standard iron. The hybrid performs well with a sweeping swing, and slides through the grass without twisting or snagging like an iron. (FYI – Hybrids offer better performance than conventional irons on many different shots. Hybrids are available in a wide range of lofts to replace any club.)
  • From the first cut around the green, a hybrid putter comes in very handy. In fact, this club’s snag-less body and sole design make putting from the first cut practically the same as putting on the green.