The Nike VAPOR FLY HYBRIDS are designed to fly long and high, with an emphasis on distance and forgiveness. And, after taking these babies on the golf course for a test-drive, I must declare that I'm truly amazed by their performance. How did Nike do it? Well, the Nike VAPOR FLY HYBRIDS are designed with an amazingly light and thin crown, which is aimed at moving weight down, delivering higher launch and less spin, translating into more distance/yardage than ever before. Their purpose being to replacing irons on the turf, the Nike VAPOR FLY HYBRIDS are the definition of workability and forgiveness, thanks to their original Tour shape. When it comes to designing their golf gear, Nike has the good habit to involve their top players in the process, big names like Tiger and Rory.

    In the case of the Nike VAPOR FLY HYBRIDS, Nike brought in Francesco Molinari, a hybrid-addict, and his signature is obvious if you're paying attention to the better player input at address on the Nike VAPOR FLY HYBRIDS, featuring a longer, smaller and less bulky look compared to the previous Vapor Speed Hybrid. The head size is similar between the two, but the Nike VAPOR FLY HYBRID's silver top line and the fixed hosel makes it the best of both worlds. The crown in designed with a honeycomb section, being strong and light, saving weight, that's moved to the sole, without compromising strength. The Covert Cavity was redesigned and now it's smaller in the back, while the thinner channel at the front is now wider in the toe and heel area. The HyperFlight face of the Nike VAPOR FLY HYBRIDS works with the FlightWeight crown for increasing ball speed and it's thinner around the perimeter, while the back of the head is more rigid, helping with speed transfer. Bottom line, the Nike VAPOR FLY HYBRIDS are aimed at better players and they performed well during my tests, being very efficient and offering way more playability than any fairway wood.