7 Wood Golf Club

    Most golfers should carry a #7 fairway wood because of it’s perfect complement of length and loft it offers, read why:

    The seven wood is a great choice to replace a 3 iron or 3 hybrid. It has a larger head than a hybrid which for some golfers, it will give more convenience at the address position. With 22 degrees of loft, it provides more loft than a 5 wood, which typically has only about 18 degrees of loft. The additional loft makes it easier to hit the ball high even off a hard pan lie, and it’s also very effective from difficult lies like tall grass. In fact, most golfers can hit their 7 wood from the fairway or the rough with enough height and forgiveness, which is not always the case with the 5 wood.

    The club-length of a #7 wood is about 1 inch shorter than a 5 wood wood, making it much easier to consistently hit the sweet spot.

    The #7 wood will have about 10 more grams of sole head-weight compared to a 5 wood wood. This additional sole weight will help you in two ways; getting the ball up quicker off the fairway or out of a fairway bunker.

    The #7 wood gives you added flexibility to hit the ball high over obstacles and carry over long drops. The 7 wood is a great go to club and for some golfers, it has become their favorite club. The golfer get's the feeling they can depend on their 7 fairway wood even under pressure during a round.

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