confident driver

    For most golfers, no other club in their bag has more of an effect on their confidence, or lack of it, than their driver.

    For the player who owns a driver he/she is comfortable and confident with. It is THE golf club they can’t wait to hit. Conversely, for the player who has always struggled with hitting a driver with any consistency, it becomes the club they avoid hitting, if they use it at all. What’s the difference? How can YOU find a driver you can ALWAYS feel confident with, and benefit from the distance it can deliver on the golf course?

    First of all, for several reasons, you may think you do better with, say, a Callaway, or a PING. Maybe once you hit a Cleveland driver, and it soared… so you look for YOUR Cleveland driver. Many players like the Titleist or the Hogan name. Others like Taylor Made. All are good products, but the name on the golf club has little to do with why you hit it well, or not, and why you like it, or not.

    More and more golfers have come to understand that how ANY driver works (or doesn’t work!) has a lot more to do with you than what company makes the club.

    Now that might seem obvious, but it usually doesn’t turn into finding THAT driver. Expensive marketing by the big-name companies have done a great job of convincing you that ‘this’ club or ‘that’ club is the driver “I can hit”… until we hit a great shot with (don’t say it) a no-name club we try during a round with a new foursome. Now how did THAT happen?

    What does this all point to? THE driver for you should be built…FOR you! It’s called custom fitting, and while most golfers have heard the term, and even probably think it makes sense, most golfers have not taken that step to a custom-fitted  driver.

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