number 2 driver fairway

    While it’s somewhat rare to find a golfer who carries a #2 driver/fairway wood, it’s a club that could make a great fit for your set. Here’s why: 

  • Head size is the biggest reason some golfers prefer a 2-wood to a traditional driver (1-wood). With a head volume of 200cc, it’s less than half the size of today’s full-size drivers. Many golfers feel they can swing such a club with less air resistance, and also locate the sweet spot more consistently than with large-headed drivers. The smaller head makes the club feel lighter. 
  • The 2-wood’s 12° of loft are more than most drivers provide, but less than a 3-wood, which typically has about 14°. The additional loft makes it much easier to hit the ball off the tee while delivering more height and forgiveness. 
  • The standard length of a Thomas Golf 2-wood is 45” (¼” shorter than a driver), making it a little easier to consistently hit the sweet spot. 
  • The #2 wood has about 200 grams of head weight, about the same as most driver heads. This weight helps maximize swing speed and distance. 
  • Some golfers are able to hit the 2-wood off the fairway, giving them the option to go for the green in two on long par-5s.
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