play bellied wedge from fringe 1

    Why would you ever try to hit a wedge thin, on purpose? Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

    Sure, until you understand the so-called “bellied wedge” concept. You’ve probably seen pros use this technique; if so, you understand that it’s only meant for a very specific situation.

    That is, when your ball has come to rest on the outer edge of the fringe, lying against a border of taller grass or thick rough (aka the collar). While you’d prefer to putt, you risk snagging the blade on the backstroke – especially if you use a cavity-back putter. And you’d rather not take a chance on misplaying a chip shot.

    That’s when the bellied wedge is your best bet. It sounds advanced, but it’s quite simple to execute – and most effective once you’ve practice a little. Here’s how to play the shot:

    play bellied wedge from fringe 2

  • Using a pitching or sand wedge, hold the club with your putting grip and choke up slightly.
  • Hover the clubhead off the grass so that the leading edge is level with the middle of the ball.
  • Hit the ball using your putting stroke, making sure to strike it on the equator if not slightly higher to ensure that it rolls. You don’t want to hit underneath the ball and get it airborne.
  • While many pros use a sand wedge for this shot, others suggest a pitching wedge because it has a straighter edge.