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Henry Cooper is a fantastic example of a golfer who spent his entire career within the game of golf not only competing at the highest level, but also becoming a well renowned instructor after his playing days were over. Now Henry Cooper also known as Harry Cooper was also known as the Light Horse Harry for the actual speed in which he played the game. When he won the inaugural Los Angeles Open he actually completed one of the rounds in two and a half hours just absolutely flew around and was still able to shoot very, very good scores. And this quick pace transferred into his approach of the swing as well which was very quick, he was very snappy but he was just very, very repeatable.

And what he shows is that if you live and if you work and if you walk a certain pace so if you are a quick walker then your golf swing should also be at a quick pace don’t restrict your natural movement and your natural tendencies. So Harry Cooper was a very quick walker, he did everything very fast as well and his golf swing followed suit. Other players such as modern players such as Ernie Els have a very slow and languid rhythm and that matches how they live their lives. So match your swing rhythm to how you are actually living the rest of your life, at work, walking whatever you do match up your golf swing and it should give positive results.