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Legendary US golfer Hale Irwin became the oldest player to win a major championship the US Open aged 45. Now you can’t do that unless you have a technique which stands the test of time. He has also won on all six continents and won many, many times around the world in the US and obviously abroad as well. Now his swing hasn’t actually changed much since he dominated the scenes in the 70’s and the 80’s right up to this actual present day.

His swings are repeatable, some slightly unique movements in there but they work for him and they can also work for you. Now what Hale Irwin does on the backswing he takes the club away very, very wide but slightly on the inside, a little bit less exaggerated than this but he takes the club slightly on the inside going back with a big wide turn on the top of the backswing. Now if he was to bring the club down on the same path he would come very much from the inside and have to turn the clubface over quite sharply to hook the ball back around to the target.

But what Hale Irwin does, is his got a wide, slightly inside then he reroutes the club coming down until he falls bang on playing at this point here with the club head in front of the hands and just allows him to turn through into impact. So it’s a slightly unique move which involves a reroute of the club but he manages to get it there every single time and for him if it’s not broke then it’s certainly doesn’t need to be fixed. So really, really wide on the backswing, a slight reroute and he strikes the ball away very, very well.

But what Hale Irwin’s swing is proof of; I mean it’s so technically proficient in many respects, but what its proof of is the backswing can have some flaws as long as the downswing gets you back into impact in the correct position. So if you are looking for someone on how to learn how to adapt the club for maybe not quite a perfect backswing then Hale Irwin is certainly someone you should take a look at.