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Video Transcript

Doug Sanders is an American golfer who won 20 times on tour and he had a very consistent and a very unique way of setting up and hitting the shot. What Doug Sander used to do was take pretty much with every club, a very, very wide stance, but then have quite assured backswing. Now the culmination of a wide stance and assured backswing don’t normally go together that well, unless you can drive your weight forward very aggressively during the downswing. And that’s what Doug Sanders used to do.

The wide stance gave him stability. The short swing gave him accuracy and control of the clubface and the drive through on to the front foot gave him a descending blow with the irons and power with the woods and a continued and flow to a full followthrough position.

So if you do want some stability, widen the stance a little. And if you want to widen the accuracy, shorten the backswing, but make sure that you drive through. Because without the drive through, the ball will be left on your back foot and you won’t make a good connection with the shot. So try this stance in your game, copy Doug’s technique and hopefully, you should see a little bit more consistency. But remember, drive your weight forwards or you will be left behind.