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Video Transcript

Danny Willett is 27-year old English golf professional who has already won twice in 2015 in South Africa. He’s an exceptional ball striker, a very, very good putter, but there are a few unique movements within his swing, which do help him get the shot shape that he desires. Now, he is a classic player who takes a club up on one plane, redirects the goal swing during the back – during the downswing to get the club into a better impact position.

Now Danny Willett on the backswing actually keeps the club outside his hands on the way back. So the hands move back in a straight line, but the club stays on the outside. So he picks it up outside the line. Now from there, as the club goes on the outside, the hands redirect the club. So he gets into a pretty consistent and pretty good top of the back swing position. And from there, he manages the loop the club a little bit more on the inside.

So, if you compare the backswing position to the downswing position, there’s a lot of movement in between the two. But the key to Danny Willett’s swing is he does this consistently every single time. So he knows how to thrust it, he knows how to work it and he knows the positions that he gets in. And if he’s winning twice on tour this year, he must be doing something right. He gets the ball out there and he gets the club into impact in the position that he needs.

So taking the upside and on the outside, gets the reset, gets the club moving to the back. And then gets that club dropping on a slightly inside path. And he strikes the ball away very, very well. He’s very, very good putter and you have a very successful already, but also a very exciting prospect for the future.