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Video Transcript

Cristie Kerr is a 37-year old American golf professional who was considered one of the greatest of the modern game winning two major championships, and that’s included within 15 total victories. She has a very, very good, very, very consistent swing, which is driven by a fantastic connection in the overall technique between the arms and the body and the hips, everything working together, everything working in an order, allowing her to deliver a consistent impact position.

Now by connection, the first thing that Cristie does very, very well in her swing is allows the arms to stick quite close to the body on the way back and she maintains that connection and she maintains that relationship all the way through backswing, right up until the top, where she has that little bit of a hinge there, and that connection continues on the way down with the arms, staying very, very close to the body as she turns through impact. It’s a very consistent swing, which served her well over a very, very long and a very, very distinguished career, and it’s certainly something that can help you drive the actual consistency in your game.

So just have a few swings, to practice this keeping the arms very close to the body, rotate the core, rotate the chest away, keeping that connection and then move down and through, and hopefully deliver a very similar impact on to the ball. We’ll give that a go. And hopefully, you’ll have a similar level of consistency.