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Video Transcript

Chella Choi is a 24-year old Korean golfer. In the last year, she made 29 close out of 31 event entered, which made her a very, very consistent player on the tour last year. And one of the moves that she makes in her swing to make it so consistent is she uses her lower body very, very effectively.

Now, what she does with her hips is rather than just keep them static and keep them restricted and doesn’t move them, what she do is she allows them some freedom throughout the golf swing. Mainly, her left hip during the back swing just rotates slightly away to the right hand side. Now what that allows her to do? It allows her to have some play in the lower half. It keeps your lower half nice and active, and it allows you to drive through fully on the way through. So it’s a very slight movement back with the left hip on the takeaway, but on the way through, the left hip moves forward and then around very, very fast and very, very quickly.

Now that combination affects those movements, really gets the club head whipping through as it trails behind the hips on the way through, but also on the way back that slight kink with the left hip allows a nice full shoulder turn as well. So, it’s a really useful way to actually think about using the hips. So you can give that a go and give that a practice.

Now getting yourself set up, being nice and springy in the feet, not getting static and getting set, allowing the left hip to turn and then really moving it forward and around to the left hand side on the way through, so often come forward and then turn. And it just allows the lower body, the movement, and it allows it to be nice and springy through the shot. And if you can get it and get as consistent as Chella played last year, then you could be also a winner.