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English golfer Charley Hull is tipped by many to be the next big thing of lady’s golf. Last year, she won the European Order of Merit title, the youngest ever to do so. And she also competed in the Solheim Cup, also the youngest ever player to do so. She is tipped to be one of the best ladies players of all time, which is a lot of pressure to live up to. But if her swing holds up to the pressure, which you’ll be put on that, she may just down the chance, because it is a fantastic action.

What Charley Hull do is very, very well within her swing is she moves everything on a very much single plane, so the club moves up and down along the pretty similar path. So, if – when viewed behind, her club head moves up, angling away from the ball slightly, until raises to this position here, where the club head is in front on the hands. It then begins to incline behind the body until it points down at the target, and then it returns to the same positions on the way down until the impact. Added in to this, through the golf swing and through the down swing, Charley Hull really moves her hips and turns them very, very aggressively through the ball.

Now, if you’ll match up a very, very good swing plane to a very, very aggressive and fast and powerful hip turn, you’re going to get straight shots, but you’re also going to get a long shot, and that is a fantastic combination to be out to put on to the golf ball.

Now to practice that, probably a good way of doing it is to do a slow motion swings time after time after time again, just trying to groove those positions into impact. And then once you’ve done a number of slow motion swings, you can try and replicate the same feelings. So, fantastic swing, a fantastic prospect, and so she can live up to the potential.