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Video Transcript

Brooks Koepka is an exciting 24-year-old American player. During the last two years, he started to really rise in the golf rankings winning the 2014 Turkish Airlines Open, and then this year 2015, winning the Phoenix Open as well. Now, Brooks is a very powerful, powerful action and he has a unique move in his downswing, which really allows him to send the ball out there a long, long way.

During the downswing, his right arm rather than kind of coming to the side of the body and then extending as he approaches impact, comes into the side of the body but actually remains in a bent position as impact. Now, this is a very, very, very hard position to replicate for many people. It will cause more inconsistency. It would be better to actually get the right arm straight. What it allows Brooks Koepka to do is come into this impact and really push the arm forwards as he actually hits the shot.

He adds club head speed, adds power and fires the ball down towards the target. It’s very, very hard to replicate but if you get it right, it can really add a good punch at club head speed coming into the impact area. It really allows the right arm to fire through the actual shot. So, not an easy swing to replicate, not an easy action to groove but if you give it a go, you can also try and bomb the drive out there as long as Brooks can.