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Video Transcript

Azahara Munoz is a 27-year-old Spanish golfer on the LPGA Tour and she is a very consistent player, she is a winner on tour, but she regularly ranks in the top-10 of events and one of the reasons why she has a repeatable motion through impact, which rehearses and she repeats time after time after time, especially noticeable with the driver.

What she does as she comes into impact is turn the hips and then begin to extend the spine upwards towards the target. So, after impact she is almost leaning backwards and curved away from the actual target. Now most people what you actually want to see is the way to transfer over and the weight you’ll be putting will settle on the front foot facing down.

But what she does is really extend, always delivering a lot of power and that causes that lean back through the points of impact. So, it’s not so much that she is actually actively shifting her weight backwards, she is still moving forwards, but the upper body is going this way. The upper body is going backwards so and the hips are extending forwards and upwards, which gives this quite unique finish position.

Now once she actually gets this right she will just deliver a very, very powerful blow to the ball. So it's turning those hips through and upwards and extending the low half on the spine whereas keeping the head behind the ball.

It's very, very hard to replicate without the flexibility and her strength, but if you want to give it a go, it should deliver a little bit more power to your drives.