Review Goolf Thanks

I’ve been buying single Thomas Golf clubs this season to see how they work for me. At first I thought the alignment tool was kind of a joke. But after playing with TG clubs and having to go back and forth with clubs not having the alignment tool….WOW… you really miss that little line in the setup picture. It is a subtlety only a fool would smirk at. Can people play without it? Of course. Does it help aligning to the target? Yes without a doubt. Does it provide confidence? It certainly does. On top of this the clubs feel and sound great. Sound is very important to me because I don’t see the ball well once it gets above the trees. Sound tells me how well I hit the ball and where it went. Its important to me to like the sound of a good hit, to hear the path I hit the ball and where on the club face. Feel is very personal and TG clubs meet my definition of good feel. I hope to have my collection of TG clubs completed soon and then start exploring their hybrids and woods. I’m writing to thank Thomas Golf for a great product, outstanding service and better golf.

Thank You,

Todd C