Hybrid, rescue and utility golf clubs have become very popular replacements for standard irons that are less forgiving when used by the everyday golfer. Touring pros are also carrying hybrids, mostly to replace long irons like the 1, 2, and 3. 

The terms hybrid, rescue and utility refer to the same type of golf club. Hybrid golf clubs get their name from a design that includes attributes of both standard irons and fairway woods. This combination creates a golf club that is more forgiving on off-center contact; is easier to hit high, giving the ball a softer landing on the green; and is ideal for a sweeping swing rather than a downward blow that takes a divot.hybrid the new guy on a block

Most amateur golfers and some pros could not hit 1- and 2-irons consistently, but achieve very good results when switching to hybrids with the same lofts. 

When you hit a hybrid golf club, you’ll discover the ball will travel about the same distance as a standard iron when hit dead center, but will go much farther on heel or toe contact.

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