hybrid get out of divot 1

If you find yourself in the fairway but with some bad luck, you wind up in a divot, try getting out with your hybrid iron. The hybrid club has some very important advantages over a standard iron out of divots, here’s why:

* Hybrids have a much wider sole than a standard iron given the golfer a better chance of gliding along the ground without slowing down from the grass or the ground.

Hybrid Golf Clubs: a Good Choice Out of Divots?

* The leading edge of the hybrid is designed not to dig into the grass or ground, given you the best chance for solid contact.

* Hybrids have a center of gravity that is further from the face than a standard iron, and this will help get the ball up higher out of the divot.

* The hybrid golf club also is much more forgiving from heel to toe, given you a better chance of a quality shot.

Remember to play this shot with a hybrid iron you want to play it back in your stances and put extra weight on your foot that is closer to your target, which will give you more of a descending swing path.

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