Putting Tutor® A Dave Pelz Learning Aid Review

    The Putting Tutor® A Dave Pelz Learning Aid retails for $49,95 (MSRP) and it's endorsed/used by Phil Mickelson, a 3 time major winner. Okay, but what can it do for you, you may ask? Well, long story short, the Putting Tutor® is designed for helping you to improve green reading, to verify eye position, to square your putter face and put like the pro golfers. But what is it? Well, the Putting Tutor® is basically a flat plate made of plastic, that you place on the putting green for helping you with alignment and your green reading, basically with your stroke. The Putting Tutor® comes with a dimple in it, where you will balance the ball and determine the aim-line that you will require for the putt. At the other end of the plate you'll find a pair of holes, where you'll have to place 2 ball bearings, forming a gate through which you'll have to strike your putt. It's something like target practice, using a common analogy.

    But how does it help you with your putts in the long run? Well, the Putting Tutor® is supposed to help you in four specific departments: with the putter alignment feedback ,with eye position feedback, the feedback to help groove your stroke and green reading feedback. After using the Putting Tutor®, I came to some interesting conclusions. For example, maybe the best improvement noticed by yours truly is the feedback received regarding eye position and putter face alignment, this is very effective and immediate, in terms of improving your ability to align your putter in the proper way, resulting in more effective putts. Another great and obvious benefit of using the Putting Tutor® is the green reading feedback. Regular golf players tend to severely under read longer putts and to over read shorter ones. But things will dramatically change if using the Putting Tutor® regularly and that's awesome in my book. Bottom line, the Putting Tutor® A Dave Pelz Learning Aid is well worth the investment and makes for an excellent multi-purpose putting trainer.