What Is the Correct Feet Direction and a Proper Golf Stance

    Golf is a target related game, therefore your alignment and set up is very important. Take accurate note of where your feet are positioned because they will encourage good alignment of your knees, your hips, and your shoulders. This would, therefore, encourage a straight swing path and more accurate golf shots.

    Your feet should be parallel to your ball to target line. This means that your feet will be aiming just left of the target for a right handed golfer; we call this position a parallel left setup. An easy way to illustrate this would be to imagine you're standing on two train tracks, one rail for the ball to target line and one rail for your foot and body alignment. The two rails never merge or separate they are parallel to each other. The ball is on the target line and the feet are parallel left to the target line.

    A quick check - by placing one of your golf clubs across your toes and standing back to look at the direction would check that you have correct alignment before your golf shot.