Stack-and-Tilt-Backswing A

    A pulled problem shot that flies left of target and stays there, with little or no curve in either direction, can be a sign of several different swing maladies.

    If you have a habit of pulling drives or other pulled full shots, here are a few possible pulled shot causes and tip fix cures to help correct the pull golf shot problem:

  • Swing plane is too upright (vertical): An upright plane creates an outside-to-inside or over-the-top downswing. If you’re pulling drives, teeing the ball a little higher will naturally flatten your swing plane. With fairway wood, hybrid or iron shots, stand slightly farther from the ball to achieve the same effect.

  • Reverse pivot:This is when the golfer’s weight shifts to the left on the backswing, then right on the downswing – the opposite of a proper correct transfer. How to stop a reverse pivot, practice by lifting your left leg on the backswing, then returning the left foot to the ground on the downswing while lifting the right leg. Finish balanced on your left foot only.

  • Slashing move from the top: Some golfers start the downswing with a quick move of the hands toward the ball, rather than leading with the lower body. On the range, practice stopping your backswing for a full 1-2 seconds at the top, then proceed to hit the ball. This will engage your hips and keep the hands from taking over.