Release Club to Hit Running Chip Shot 3

When you’re faced with a long chip with plenty of green to work with, the best play is to get the ball on the green and rolling as quickly as possible.

If you’re just off the green, using a less lofted club, like a 7-iron, is a good idea. But if you’re farther from the green and need to carry the ball a decent distance, more loft is called for.

More loft equals a higher shot with more spin – so how do you produce the roll needed to get the ball to the hole? It’s all in the release. By letting the right hand turn over the left through impact, you decrease backspin. Here’s how it’s done:

Release Club to Hit Running Chip Shot 4

  • Using a gap or sand wedge, assume your normal setup for a chip or pitch shot, but place the feet wider – with the heels 6-8 inches apart.

  • Play the ball in the middle of your stance.

  • Hold the club with a slightly “strong” grip, with the hands turned to the right on the handle.

  • Release Club to Hit Running Chip Shot 5

  • As you swing through, allow the right hand to overtake the left, finishing with the club’s toe pointing up and the left elbow folded.

  • When hit properly, the ball won’t check sharply after landing and stop well short of the hole. Instead, it will bounce and run toward the cup.