The golf term “releasing through impact” doesn’t mean letting go of the grip and sending the club sailing. However, that’s not a bad image to help understand a proper release.

The golf release is simply the rolling of the right hand, wrist and forearm over the left (for right-handers) in the split second before and after the clubface contacts the ball. A good release shouldn’t require a conscious effort to rotate the hands; it should be the by-product of a sound downswing – one led by the left hip and continuing up through the shoulders.

Back to our club-throwing image. Releasing the golf club is similar to rolling a bowling ball with the intention of curving it left. In fact, the analogy holds true for most any underhanded motion. Here’s a backyard drill that can improve your release:

  • Grab a stick or similar object about three feet long, but not too heavy.
  • Choose a target, such as a tree or bare patch of ground, 30-40 yards away.
  • Try to hit the target with the object by lobbing it underhanded with a full body motion.

During your golf swing you should feel the right hand rolling over as you let fly.