Lower Hands to Hit a Draw, Golf Tip

Any time you need to play a right-to-left shot on the golf course, just remember this phrase:

“The draw is golf’s most coveted shot. Hands down.”

The last part is the key. Lowering the hands at address positions you to make a flatter swing while increasing your wrist action, generating right-to-left sidespin. It can also help rein in or eliminate a slice.

The lower your hands go, the more your shots will “turn over.” The ball will fly lower, too. This knowledge comes in handy (pun intended) if you’re trapped behind a tree and need to hit a hard hook.

Whether you want to hit a gentle draw, a wicked hook or just take some curve out of your slice, follow these steps.

  • Assume your normal setup over the ball.

  • Move the hands slightly lower, i.e., closer to your body, which creates an angle between the arms and shaft.

  • Doing this will cause you to bend forward a bit more; be sure you bend from the hips, not the waist.

  • Make your normal swing.

Learn to curve the ball right-to-left on command and you’ll be the most envied golfer in your group. Hands down.