Wedge Open Stance

Phil Mickelson gets lots of “oohs” and “aahs” when he launches one of those famous, skyscraping pitch shots, aka the “flop shot.”

But a great flop shot is more than a show-stopping novelty. It’s extremely handy in many greenside situations.

Anytime you’ve got to carry the ball over a hazard, dense rough or other obstacle to a pin that’s tight against the trouble, the flop is the way to go. Your lie and the amount of green to work with dictate how high you need to hit it, but follow these steps to master the basics: Flop Shot

  • Use a lob wedge (at least 58° loft).
  • Open your stance to the target line. The more open, the higher and shorter the ball will fly.
  • Aim the clubface directly at the target, positioning the ball in the middle or slightly forward in your stance.
  • Swing along the line of your body, making sure to accelerate through impact.
  • Keep the clubface pointing skyward after contact. In other words, don’t release (roll over) your forearms as you would on a normal shot.

Experiment with ball position and the amount you open your stance to control trajectory and distance.