The Best Senior Golfers Swing Tip For How To Rotate Your Body Without Sliding

    In this swing tip video, we are going to look at the best way to get you rotating your body during your golf swing, without causing you to slide. Rotation during your golf swing creates a great deal of power and club head speed and it allows you to move into the correct impact position to then transfer the speed of your club head into the golf ball and create maximum shot distance.

    Sliding does not create the same club head speed as you swing and it causes you to move beyond the optimum impact position. This then results in you struggling to connect the club head well with the golf ball and gives you problems with controlling the direction of your shots.

    If I place a golf bag next to my left leg (for right handed golfers) and take up my golf stance, I can now make my backswing. Sliding would see me moving my hips laterally to the left on my downswing and into the golf bag so that my left hip moves over and outside the position of my left foot. If you think you may be sliding during your golf swing, try this drill and see if your left hip nudges the golf bag.

    To rotate well during your downswing, your pelvis will turn towards the golf bag so that the zip on your trousers finishes flat to the golf bag but does not nudge it. If you struggle with this movement try the following drill.

    Stand with your back flat to a wall and take up your golf stance but without your golf club. Make your backswing movement and you should feel that the right side of your backswing touches the wall. This is correct. To rotate during your downswing, you now need to move the left side of your backside on to the wall, over your left foot and allow the right side of your backside to come away from the wall. This now has you rotating your hips and pelvis correctly. Work on doing this and then swing your arms down as though to hit the golf ball. Continue the rotation in your pelvis so that the seam of your left trouser leg now moves on to the wall and allow your right foot to rotate so the shoe laces of your right shoe face where your target would be. Once you have become comfortable with this movement, begin to replicate this at the practice ground or range when you are hitting balls.

    Place your golf bag on the left side of you when you are hitting balls and work on making the action in your pelvis discussed above. This should get you rotating the zip on your trousers towards the bag and up against it but without nudging into it and you should see that your strike and accuracy improves, plus you hit further shots than before.