Why & How: Deliver the Golf Club from Inside Target Line

Here’s a simple truth: If you want to become a good golfer, you must learn to swing the club on an inside-to-outside path.

The inside-out path is preferable to the outside-in swing, or even a clubhead traveling directly down the target line at impact. Among other reasons, an inside-out path is nearly slice-proof, enables you to hit a draw and transfers more energy to the ball, boosting your power.

Virtually every pro golfer and most low-handicap amateurs swing this way. That includes golfers who favor hitting a fade, such as Jack Nicklaus.

The vast majority of golfers, on the other hand, swing outside-to-in, aka over-the-top. That’s usually because they either overuse the arms in relation to the body, or fail to transfer weight properly on the backswing and downswing.

It takes time, effort and a basic understanding of swing mechanics to master the inside-out swing – but if you aim to achieve a single-digit handicap and play consistently solid golf, it’s a necessary investment.

Watch these videos for tips on developing a proper inside-to-outside swing:

The Path to Better Golf

Hit the Inside of the Golf Ball