When It’s Breezy Swing Easy, Golf Swing Tip

Golf is full of counterintuitive concepts – you must hit down to get the ball up, for example. Here’s another one: When it’s breezy, swing easy. 

When playing into a headwind, most golfers will swing harder in an attempt to power the ball through the resistance. This has an undesired effect, though. The harder you hit the ball, the more backspin you impart, which makes the ball fly higher – a big no-no. Plus, the headwind actually increases backspin, causing the ball to balloon upward and fall well short of the target. 

Instead of a harder swing, take an extra club or two depending on the wind’s strength, grip down an inch or so, and make a smooth, controlled swing. Both the backswing and follow-through should be slightly shorter than usual. 

The ball will fly lower with less spin, minimizing the wind’s effect. By swinging at less than full power, you’ll also hit the ball more solidly – the biggest key to playing well in the wind.