study club signs for swing issues 1

When you see grass on the face of your irons, do you immediately brush it clear without a thought? After teeing off, do you ever check the sole of your driver for marks?

If not, you’re ignoring telltale signs holding valuable info about your swing.

Whenever grass is stuck between club and ball, the resulting spot on your clubface will be precisely where the ball was struck. You may think you hit the shot flush, only to find the mark on the club’s toe or heel.

study club signs for swing issues 2

The same applies to any shot hit using a tee. Turn the club over – whether it’s a driver, hybrid, wood or iron – and look for paint left by the tee, then match the line with the clubface. That will tell you where contact was made.

Over time, many marks will accumulate on the bottom of your driver, so clean it off from time to time so you’ll be able to distinguish a just-made streak from an older one.

If you discover a consistent pattern to your contact – consistently hitting shots off the heel, for instance – refer to the “Causes and Cures” tips at Using the search function, type in a phrase such as “cure heel contact,” and a list of helpful tips will appear on the screen.

Golf is full of clues that can help you identify and fix swing problems. You just have to know where to look.