Steepen Your Swing to Escape Deep Rough, Golf Swing Tip A

Thick, deep rough is one of the most severe punishments for a wayward golf shot.

Without the know-how and proper technique for escaping, a golfer can spend several strokes tangled in the tall grass.

When facing a full shot with the golf ball sitting down in deep rough, try these tactics:

• Take an extra club to make up for a loss of distance, but avoid using anything longer than a 5-iron. The less loft, the more difficult it is to get the ball up and out of the thick stuff.

• Stand slightly closer to the ball and play the ball toward the middle of your stance. These adjustments will make your swing steeper coming into the ball, creating less contact with the grass

• Right-handed golfers should aim slightly right of the target, since tall grass can grab the club’s hosel and twist the clubface left. (Lefties, aim a little left.)

• Hinge the wrists abruptly on the backswing, again to create a steeper downswing.

For relatively long golf shots, or those where you can run the ball onto the green, try a hybrid or fairway wood instead of an iron. These clubs slide more easily through the grass and are less likely to snag.