back warm up stretch

Injuries are rare in golf, but many avid players experience back problems due to the twisting action of the swing. Not only are back injuries painful, they can keep you off the golf course.

Here are some ways to keep your lower back strong and injury-free: 

  • Warm up with stretching and light swings. To stretch the torso, place a club across the shoulders, behind the neck, and rotate from side to side. Bending over to touch the toes will also help. Warming up is especially critical before early morning rounds. 

  • When placing the ball on a tee or retrieving it from the hole, bend at the knees, not the waist. You might also purchase an item made specifically for picking the ball from the hole, such as a small cup that fits onto the end of your putter. back dual shoulder strap

  • Alternate shoulders regularly when carrying your bag. This will keep your left and right sides in balance. 

  • Don’t overpractice. Unless you’re in excellent physical condition, pounding balls on the range will take a toll on your spine. Limit your practice sessions to no more than 60 full shots, and don’t maintain your stance between balls.