Improve Your Golf Pitching Problems 1

So you have hit a fantastic tee shot straight down the middle of the fairway and you only have 75 yards left on to the green. All you have to do is play a three quarter pitch shot on to the green, ideally close to the flag to make the best possible chance to make a birdie.

Sounds simple, however even the most basic of pitch shots can be a problem for golfers who do not play the shot correctly and most effectively. This then leads to lack of confidence and errors start to slip in. What used to be a very simple an easy shot has now become many golfer's nightmare shot. This tip is designed to help with your issues and help you overcome your pitching problems.

Fault - Many golfers play the pitch shot with the wrong part of the sole of the golf club, normally using the leading edge to make contact with the ground, therefore digging the leading edge into the turf too much resulting in inconsistent connections and poor strikes. In turn, this poor technique can cause lack of confidence and flow to the pitching technique.

Cure - It is very important to set up to the pitch shot in the correct manner to allow the club to strike the ball on a slight descending blow into the golf ball, without digging into the ground. The main factors to a great set up when pitching is to set up with the aim being to minimize the power created by the body and the golf club to help control the golf shot more effectively. One area of the golf swing that helps create power is the width of the stance, so make sure you narrow your stance to minimize the amount of power that can be applied. Also, the distance away from the golf ball creates power so stand slightly closer to the golf ball to minimize this power source too. Standing slightly closer helps with a more upright golf swing to help impart a downward blow into the golf ball.

Key tip - Apply about 60% of your body weight on to the front side and keep it on the front foot for the duration of the golf shot. This will help with a slight descending strike to promote a clean contact.

Key point - Use the bounce on your golf wedge to help cleaner strikes. Most modern wedges now have a bounce angle on the bottom of the golf club (bounce is the angle difference between the leading edge and the trailing edge). Bounce angle is used to help the golf club exit the ground once the club has entered the surface. To use the bounce angle most effectively, we have to feel like the trailing edge of the golf club is making contact with the ground as opposed to the leading edge digging into the floor. When you set up to a practice shot, aim to skim the floor with the trailing edge of the sole of the wedge.

You should notice the golf club slides effortlessly across the surface without much friction. This method will really help you to make a cleaner contact when pitching from any surface on the golf course.