How to Hit A Golf Ball Over Trees

A shot over water may be golf’s most intimidating moment, but a shot over trees rates higher on the difficulty scale. 

First, it requires hitting a high shot, often from a less-than-ideal lie. Plus, the consequences of failure are unpredictable, ranging from nothing (your shot sails through the branches unscathed) to catastrophe (the ball ricochets into oblivion). 

Here’s how to handle a shot over trees: 

  • Make sure going over is preferable to going under or around.

  • Choose a club that you’re certain will launch high enough to carry the treetops.

  • Stand slightly closer to the ball than usual to create a more upright swing plane.

  • Play the ball forward in your stance, nearly opposite the left heel (for right-handers), to utilize all the club’s loft.

  • Concentrate on finishing with the hands high overhead 

The natural tendency is to lift the left side too early, causing a low, thin shot. Focus on hitting the back of the ball and extending the right arm well past impact into that high finish.