Golf Tip: Improve Flexibility For Perfect Posture

It’s common knowledge that flexibility enhances the efficiency and power of a golfer’s swing. What’s less understood is the role flexibility plays in posture.

Muscle and joint stiffness makes it difficult to get the body in proper position at setup, and even harder to maintain the spine angle, hip and knee bend throughout the swing. Fortunately, a handful of simple stretches can greatly improve flexibility in the hips, core and shoulders.

Develop a daily routine including these exercises

  • Side stretch: Start with the feet directly beneath the shoulders, hips forward. Lift the right arm straight up, then stretch it over your head and hold for several seconds. Switch to the left arm, and repeat 3-4 times. 

  • Triceps stretch: Standing tall, clasp hands together behind your head. Slowly pull the hands downward, feeling your shoulders and triceps stretching. 

  • Spine stretch: Hold one arm straight in front of you; keep the feet firm and hips forward. Rotate your midsection to the right, turning the head to look over the right shoulder. Return to the center and rotate the left in a single motion. Next, do the same rotation with the left arm held up. Repeat 6-8 times, adding rotation as you go. 

  • Hip stretch: Place hands on hips, feet shoulder-width apart, and rotate your pelvis in small circles to the right, then the left. Repeat 12-15 times in progressively larger circles.