cold golf course

There are a number of factors to consider when playing in colder weather:

1. Heaver cold weather clothing can reduce freedom of motion and reduce your golf swing speed. Additionally, your body and muscles are less flexible in cool weather, so take this into account when making your club selection. It’s a good idea to start your cold-weather  game playing conservative until your body warms and adjusts to the weather. If you’re experiencing reduced flexibility, it’s best to use a shorter back swing rather than a longer full swing that requires more flexibility.

2. Low compression golf balls will perform better in cold weather as they help offset the hardening factor caused by lower temperatures.

3. The air temperature changes the compression of the golf ball, and also how it flies through the air. If you’re playing golf in 50 degree weather, you will notice about a 10-yard  decrease in carry distance compared to play in 80 degree temperatures. Remember this decreased yardage, because it translates to about a 1 or 2 club difference when selecting your golf club.