check green bumker sidespin

Depending on your proficiency, merely escaping a greenside bunker may be a small triumph.

But if you’ve got that part down pat, it’s time to start aiming higher. Make that closer. 

To get it close from off the green, you must know how the ball will react once it lands. This is especially true on bunker shots, which sometimes come out with left-to-right sidespin (when hit by a right-hander) and with a fair amount of loft. If the ball lands on a side slope it will bounce in the direction of the slope, and even moreso if the green tilts right. 

When sizing up a bunker shot, choose the spot where you’d like to land the ball, and account for the slope’s effect. It could send the ball toward the flag or way from it, so aim accordingly.

If you expect the ball to roll, study the green between the landing spot and the cup and play the break.