Golf Causes and Cures: The Slice, Part I

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By some estimates, 80-85 percent of golfers suffer from a golf slice -- a shot that curves to the right when hit by a right-hander. It’s similar to the common cold, and nearly as hard to get rid of. Hard, but not impossible.

Not all golf slices are created equal. Some start left of the target and turn back to the right (pull slice); others head directly toward the target before darting sideways (standard slice); still others start right and bend even farther right (push slice). Naturally, some slices curve more than others.

Let’s examine a couple of typical slice causes – and how to fix them.

  • Cause: Reverse pivot– You’re supposed to transfer weight to your right side on the backswing, then to your left on the downswing and follow-through. Golfers who do the opposite have a “reverse pivot,” which makes it impossible to hit the ball with a square clubface moving on the correct path.

  • Cure: Weight-shift two-step drill

  • Cause: Over-the-top swing path – That’s the term for a clubhead path approaching the ball from outside the target line. Paired with an open clubface, it produces a big slice.

  • Cure: Pause-at-the-top drill