distance from ball 1

    Standing the correct distance from the golf ball helps ensure solid impact and accuracy.

    Because each club has a different length, there is no set measurement that works every time. However, once you've established good posture, you're one step closer to determining your proper distance from the ball.

    First, make sure your club lies flat on the ground. If the heel or the toe of the club point up in the air, you’ll have problems hitting the ball square on the sweet spot. Then, assume your normal stance and posture over the ball.

    Next, let the butt of the club rest on your lead leg (left leg for right-handers). If you are the correct distance from the ball, it should sit a few inches above your kneecap. If it’s higher, you’re too close to the ball and need to back up. If it touches your kneecap or falls to the ground, you’re too far away and need to move closer.

    distance from ball 2

    Another method some players like to use to check their distance from the ball is to get into their correct golf posture and then let the arms hang naturally. From this point, you grip the club and reach out slightly so that your arms are in a good position to swing around your body.

    Standing too far from the ball will cause you to reach for it during the swing in order to hit the sweet spot. Stand too close and you’ll have to pull the hands in to hit it solidly.

    The key is to find the proper distance for each club, which will become natural with time and practice.