The “Hawk” Flies With A New Set of Irons

    Legendary golfer Ben Hogan known also as the “Hawk” launched an equipment company in 1953 to give golfers the most precise clubs possible with modern machinery. Hogan famously dumped a full production run of for sub-par quality. Of late, ownership of the Hogan line of clubs has changed hands from Callaway and the new owners are rebuilding a the brand into high quality club manufacturer more focused on precision than volume. The company is also headquartered in Hogan’s original location of Ft. Worth, Texas.

    With the PTx irons, Hogan has blended game improvement with forged feel. One of the ways this feat is accomplished is with a linear center of mass weighting. The center of gravity (CG) is consistent through the set rather than from higher to lower in a typical game improvement set. Linear CG weighting keeps the short irons from ballooning while making the long irons playable.

    The “Hawk” Flies With A New Set of Irons

    In keeping with the commitment to precision, each club in the set is numbered with a loft angle rather than the club number, for example 43. A total of 28 lofts are available with a four different iron set configurations which depend on the golfers launch profile. The result is an iron set with the right distance between clubs and consistent ball flight.

    Custom fitting is recommended for golfers serious about the game and with Hogan Fit, players can get an online fitting based on a 15 minute questionnaire. Information such as frequency of play, handicap, ball flight pattern and average shot distances are used to make a personal club recommendation. While a club pro will most likely provide the best fitting results, HoganFit is free of charge and is a helpful start for club selection.

    The new direction at Hogan is a welcome change and the PTx irons offer a winning combination of feel and game improvement.