drive 80 percent backswing

    Are you a golfer who “comes out of his shoes” on every drive?

    If so, how often do you make solid contact? How many fairways do you hit? Do you tend to wind up in hazards or, worse yet, out of bounds? 

    Good news: You don’t have to swing hard to hit long drives. In fact, trying to kill the ball is usually counter-productive.

    driver 80 percent follow through

    It’s a simple fact that swinging easier improves your odds of hitting the ball on or near the driver’s sweet spot. A shot struck well at 80-percent power will travel farther than one hit on the heel or toe at 100 percent. 

    Straighter, too. 

    Next time you’re on the range, start by hitting 8-10 shots with a pitching wedge, maintaining a smooth, 80-percent tempo on each swing. Next, switch to the driver, using the same easy rhythm. 

    After a few drives, you’ll find that your balance is steadier while your hips, torso and shoulders work in unison. Your contact will become consistently solid, your trajectory more predictable and your tee shots longer than before.

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