whoosh drill 1

    Ideally, the clubhead reaches maximum speed at the bottom of your swing. Accelerating into and through the ball is the key to pounding long, straight drives. 

    The classic “whoosh drill” can be done any time, any place – no ball required. 

  • 1. Grab any club and hold it upside down.

  • 2. Grip the shaft just below the clubhead and get into your address posture.

  • 3. Start with a few slow swings, noting the “whoosh” sound the club makes.whoosh drill 3

  • 4. Continue swinging, adding effort as you proceed. 
  • Note where your "whoosh" is loudest. If you’re accelerating correctly, it will be at the bottom of your swing. If it comes on the backswing, you’re too quick going back and decelerating coming down. If it comes at the beginning of the downswing, you may be “casting” the club from the top. 

    Achieving full, well-timed acceleration requires a proper sequencing of the lower and upper bodies, with the hips leading the downswing. Work on this action using the “whoosh drill” until you hear that magical sound, time after time, as your swing bottoms out. 

    This drill is also recommended for improving and maintaining your balance and tempo.

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