play the ball back to improve driving accuracy 2

    It’s widely recommended that you set up to the driver with the ball positioned directly opposite your left heel (right heel if you’re left-handed). This positions you to catch the ball while the club is moving level with the ground or slightly on the upswing, making full use of the driver’s loft and boosting your carry yardage.

    However, many golfers go too far. At address, the ball is in line with the left big toe, or even farther out in extreme cases. play the ball back to improve driving accuracy 3 This prevents them from shifting enough weight from right to left on the through-swing; also, the club has already begun moving left of the target by the time it reaches the ball. In both cases, the most common result is a slice (though some will suffer a pull).

    If you struggle with a slice, try moving the ball slightly back in your stance. You’ll catch it while the club is moving directly toward the target or to the right, both far preferable to your current swing path.

    Here’s an easy way to check your ball position on the range:

  • Tee up a ball and place a club a few inches inside it, pointed directly at the target.

  • Place a second club inside your toe line, parallel to the first.

  • Place a third club perpendicular to the others and pointing directly at the the ball back to improve driving accuracy 4

  • Set up to the ball and align your feet with the second club.

  • The third club will show you where the ball is positioned relative to your left heel.
  • Another simple method is to address the ball in your usual manner, then drop the club to the ground. The grip will point to your ball position.