Increase Club Head Speed With The Driver 1

    So you want to create more club head speed with the driver? Creating more speed comes from using your body as the engine to maximizing club head speed through the ball. You can use your body easier if you coil the body up in the backswing and uncoil the body on the way down to make sure the club reaches maximum speed. A common mistake many golfers adopt is to create power with just the arms as opposed to the big muscle groups such as your core, legs, back and torso. If you watch long hitters of the golf ball, they often look effortless when creating this power. If you watch young golfers or professional lady golfers who hit the ball far, they seem to coil up their elasticised bodies into a spring like position and then unwind and create ample amounts of power and club head speed.

    Problem - Incorrect coil and resistance in the backswing leads to lack of power and club head speed, therefore reducing the overall distance that can be achieved with the driver. This leads to using smaller muscle groups such as the arms to create power.

    Fix - If you coil your body up correctly on the backswing, you will be able to unwind the power built up in the backswing. Without holding a golf club, place an alignment stick or a bamboo stick through your belt loops on your trousers - this will indicate the angle and tilt of your hips. Then hold in place an alignment stick, bamboo stick or golf club across your shoulder blades around your back to indicate the angle of your shoulder turn and tilt.

    Key point - Continue to adopt your normal golf posture as if you were hitting a driver. Start your backswing keeping the club across your shoulder blades and the stick across your hips. Now it is important to keep the hip stick still for the first quarter of your swing (takeaway), your shoulder stick will start to turn backwards. The hip turn starts to happen half way back in the golf swing. At the top of the backswing the shoulder angle should be 90 degrees and the hip angle 45 degrees. This creates coil and resistance at the top of the backswing. From that point, start to turn the hips first and hold the shoulder angle for as long as possible. Once the hips and the shoulders speed up on the way down, the hip angle (stick) should be ahead of the shoulder angle. Once you swing past where the golf ball would be, the hips should be open to the target, and the shoulders square to the target. This again maximizes the resistance and creates power and club head speed.

    Top tip - Once you have practiced this drill without hitting a golf ball, take the sticks away and practice when swinging a golf club to create the same amount of coil and resistance.