Swing Setup

    While driving distance isn’t the most important stat in golf, everyone wants to hit the ball farther.

    Before overhauling your swing or starting a grueling fitness regimen, make sure your fundamentals promote a powerful golf swing.

    Here are a handful of golf tips to increase your driver distance without making a single swing change:

    1. Tee it high (but not too high): The general rule is to tee the ball so that half of it is above the top line of the clubface at address. If you use a driver with a head size of 440-460cc, you can tee it slightly higher. Too high, though, and you’ll risk undercutting the ball.

    2. Position the ball properly: When hitting the driver, the ball should be even with your left heel (and the toe flared slightly outward). The clubface will be moving ever so slightly upward at impact, maximizing the driver’s loft and launch angle.

    3. Widen your stance: Your feet should be a little wider than shoulder width at address with the driver. This increases the tension between hips and shoulders on the backswing – which is how pros generate so much power.

    4. Lower the right shoulder: Before taking the club back, drop your right shoulder just a touch to encourage an upswing at impact.

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