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    What do you do when you need (or just want) a little extra yardage off the tee?

    If you said, “Swing harder” or “Swing longer,” you’re in the majority. If you’ve found that this often produces a wayward shot that may or not deliver the desired distance, your experience is also in the norm.

    Swinging harder or longer usually means swinging the arms harder or longer, which only throws your timing out of whack and leads to poor contact. In other words, it’s counterproductive. Instead, focus on making a fuller backswing turn and unleashing the added coil into the ball. Here’s how:

  • Take a few light practice swings, turning the shoulders a touch farther than usual to stretch the back muscles.
  • distance fuller turn slower 2

  • Emulate this motion during your actual swing, making sure to stop your arms and shoulders at the same instant.

  • Starting down with the left side of your lower body, hold the upper body in place for a split-second before pulling down toward the ball. This will create additional tension between the hips and shoulders, which will be released as you uncoil.

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