One of the great tools of modern golf is the lob wedge, or L wedge for short. A lob wedge features between 58 and 64 degrees of loft and is effective for short chips and pitches when landing the ball softly is a must.

    lob wedge 1

    Because it has so much built-in loft, the lob wedge doesn’t require the golfer to open the clubface or make major swing adjustments to hit a high shot. Most lob wedges have very little “bounce” on the sole, so they slide easily under the ball -- even on tight lies.

    Here are some situations where the L wedge comes in very handy:

    • Short pitch shot over a bunker to a pin tucked just behind the sand.
    • Pitch shot from a hardpan lie.
    • Chip or pitch from thick rough.
    • Bunker shot that must clear a high lip.
    • Short bunker shot which must stop very quickly after landing.
    • Full shot of 50-75 yards that must carry a hazard and land softly.
    • Shot over a tree.
    • Full pitch shot downwind over a hazard.

    Practically every tour pro carries a lob wedge. It’s a wise investment for amateurs, too.

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