should you replace the mid irons with irons 1

It’s conventional wisdom that hybrid golf clubs work better than long irons for the vast majority of golfers. In fact, many players can benefit by swapping their middle irons (5 through 7) for comparable hybrids.

Who should consider replacing their mid-irons with hybrids, and why?

In general, anyone whose drives carry 200 yards or less may benefit from such a move. Because their swing speeds are relatively slow, these golfers often struggle to get good height and distance from any club longer than an 8-iron.

should you replace the mid irons with irons 3

The hybrid’s lighter shaft generates more club head speed than a typical mid-iron, while its broad hitting area and wide, rounded sole makes it easier to strike solidly – a sure way to produce higher, longer shots. Hybrids also slide through rough more easily than irons and can be extremely useful around the greens.

Many golf club manufacturers make hybrids that match the playing characteristics of mid-irons. For example, Thomas Golf (For more information on Thomas Golf Hybrids:) offers traditional and square-shaped hybrids numbered 1 through 9, plus hybrids with lofts replacing the pitching, gap and sand wedges.